Custom Designed Business Cards

custom-design_woodI have had so many people tweak or want something completely unique from my Etsy store that I am truly amazed. I have been sending them Paypal invoices. But I have decided to make a listing just for custom design. I think this might bring a little more traffic to my page and I am amazed at the imaginations of the women I am selling to.

Inspire yourself via GOOGLE and then order a custom business card for your business.


Ask then Design

microblading_lips_woodSo excited .. people are starting to ask for designs. I am doing some fun stuff. This is a person that just finished her eyebrow microblading credentials. So happy for her and she just loves the “Lips”. I have since sent this final to her and made a listing to sell more. Currently, the income of Etsy outways cost of Etsy store. Not taking over my life like some other options were. And my kids don’t even notice the extra effort mom is putting into moving our financial world. Thank you, Dave Ramsey, for introducing me to Christy Wright to encourage me to find something that I enjoy to make a little extra $ at. Down to DEBT!!!!

Being Couragous

It is amazing how a song can take someone every time you hear it. I few many years ago my nephew made me so proud when he let the family know that he wanted to join the Navy. His mom, my step sister, was so dang scared and proud at the same time. I personally think that the sacrifice of joining is something only an individual can make. The family is just there to support.

in-war_woodBefore we knew it he was coming home for Christmas and we were all so excited. In my normal, cost-effective world and wanting to give him something truly personal I made him a simple modern art piece. I don’t know if he saw the joy in my eyes not only about giving him a piece of my “heart” with the design but the tears of joy and honor.

With a quick hug, the next present was opened but I am still proud of him daily. I thought there is someone out there that could use a special present for their brave family member.

So therefore when I found this I knew it had to be an addition to my ETSY store. I kept prices cost-effective because that is who I am.

It is happening!!!

money-1038723I am excited to let everyone know that my Etsy store is open and doing business. This is making me excited about my designs again.

I have sold a Rodan & Fields flyer, Mary Kay Busines Card and a copy of the Poem “Grandma’s Pearls of Wisdom“.

I plan on keeping my prices low because this is just for a little extra and some design fun for me.

I have several more items that I am getting ready to put up with a few more tweaks so please watch.

If you give me an idea .. I will make the item for you for FREE and put up for others to purchase so let me know. Anything.. wall art, scripture sayings, invitations, MLM items, ANYTHING!


Etsy is a great place. I have bought several things there for presents and birthday parties. Now I thought I would make a little effort to do my own thing. I am always doing “designs” for friends and family. So why not take that effort and see if I can sell them.

destashTherefore my Etsy shop – Right now just PDF files that I have done in the last 6 months. I will be doing more and definitely taking that destash idea to heart. Tons fo craft pieces and parts that are taking over my storage building.

So plans plans plans. So here we go!!! Let’s see.


Working hard to find my way back to creative world in 2015

I am sorry to my followers but it has been a long time since I have blogged. My world is still very creative it is just hard to find time to write it all down. 


But I am still creative, I have been living on Pinterst so much that my husband’s new statement is “Pinterest is the devil!”

The latest is 30-day declutter challenge– He actually likes this one until He has to participate. 
I am not a big pinner but please feel free to follow my pins.