Reason for the Season

christmas-tree-frameI am really getting into the Christmas Season this year. I don’t know what has got into me. But the idea of decorating my house for Christmas is overwhelming. And I am a Christian so I keep “Christ” in “Christmas”. So that made me think I need to do Isaiah 9:6 on a printable. AWE it turned out so dang good. Not an original idea I know but I was so happy how mine turned out.

Easy printable in my Etsy store. Wouldn’t this frame be perfect!!!!

Okay, so I promised my local FCE group of ladies that my 4 kids and I would make an old fashion paper chain for their Christmas Tree Parade. So next project underway.


Pink Christmas

christmas-card_wood With all the stores putting out Christmas stuff, it made me think of the dreaded or exciting time of Christmas Cards. So I started googling to see what I could find. Everything was just too fancy, it that possible? I like simple well-meaning cards myself. So I thought I would just make one. And with my Etsy store and some small experience selling, new I could try to sell it online as well.

Here it is! What you think? Editable so your words in the card can be in the same PINK color..Okay, so I know you want to ask .. Why Pink? I am not sure. Maybe because my 3-year-old had to have her nails painted pink this morning. Maybe because she only wanted the pink bow for her hair. Maybe because she cried because we couldn’t find her pink jacket this morning. Okay, I think you see my dilemma, LOL. Anyways I think the pink is beautiful and unexpected. On an up-side, The AVON and MaryKay girls that I design for all the time will love them.

What you think? If you want you can buy here and I recommend some good cover or card stock for printing. This is what I use: Hammermill Cover Stock

Ask then Design

microblading_lips_woodSo excited .. people are starting to ask for designs. I am doing some fun stuff. This is a person that just finished her eyebrow microblading credentials. So happy for her and she just loves the “Lips”. I have since sent this final to her and made a listing to sell more. Currently, the income of Etsy outways cost of Etsy store. Not taking over my life like some other options were. And my kids don’t even notice the extra effort mom is putting into moving our financial world. Thank you, Dave Ramsey, for introducing me to Christy Wright to encourage me to find something that I enjoy to make a little extra $ at. Down to DEBT!!!!

Being Couragous

It is amazing how a song can take someone every time you hear it. I few many years ago my nephew made me so proud when he let the family know that he wanted to join the Navy. His mom, my step sister, was so dang scared and proud at the same time. I personally think that the sacrifice of joining is something only an individual can make. The family is just there to support.

in-war_woodBefore we knew it he was coming home for Christmas and we were all so excited. In my normal, cost-effective world and wanting to give him something truly personal I made him a simple modern art piece. I don’t know if he saw the joy in my eyes not only about giving him a piece of my “heart” with the design but the tears of joy and honor.

With a quick hug, the next present was opened but I am still proud of him daily. I thought there is someone out there that could use a special present for their brave family member.

So therefore when I found this I knew it had to be an addition to my ETSY store. I kept prices cost-effective because that is who I am.

It is happening!!!

money-1038723I am excited to let everyone know that my Etsy store is open and doing business. This is making me excited about my designs again.

I have sold a Rodan & Fields flyer, Mary Kay Busines Card and a copy of the Poem “Grandma’s Pearls of Wisdom“.

I plan on keeping my prices low because this is just for a little extra and some design fun for me.

I have several more items that I am getting ready to put up with a few more tweaks so please watch.

If you give me an idea .. I will make the item for you for FREE and put up for others to purchase so let me know. Anything.. wall art, scripture sayings, invitations, MLM items, ANYTHING!