Photo manipulationa and resortation

If you didn’t know, I have been resorting photos for a while in my spare time.  It all started on Christmas when the eldest aunt decided to disperse the historical family pictures. Since there is 5 siblings in that generation they put numbers on each set of family heritage photographs. Not a bad plan so that if one home was to get damaged at any time there woudl still be other precious family photos out in the world.

Anyway.. My mother wanted my grandpa Archie’s platoon picture. It was in four pieces because he keep it folded in his back pocket for so many years one the war was over. Of course as things go .. she didn’t get that set. It was the first time I had seen my mother cry in years, especially over my Grandpa Archie (another story).

Well seeing her so upset gave me an idea, I could use my photoshop skills I had learned at my job and try to make her a copy of it. Well it was a lot of work to get it out of my uncles hands. I had to promise that I would bring it back the next day. Which I did. 

So, after scanning it in, I preceded to jump on youtube and learn how to restore images using photoshop.  Wow that was overwhelming. I working on it in my “spare” time. And if you know me you understand that is funny. 

Anyway, a couple of photoshop seminars later and a year of working on it and learning at the same time I finally finished it. And as luck would have it about October. So I decided to get it professional printed, mounted, and framed and give it to her for Christmas. Funny Huh.. 

I did just that. And she cried. I cried and the other siblings were very envious. Not an effect I expected. But it made her so happy. 

To keep the family equal I printed 4 more so they could have one “pretty” too.

If I can find the file in my chaos of a computer I will post it soon.


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