Warhol art goes to the Dogs

Okay.. I couldn’t resist. This is a from a few years ago but I want to let people understand how my mind things.

I have four dogs.. Actually back then I had 5 but that is another story.

I needed some “color”. So I took it upon myself to find something. I have thousands of pictures of my “girls”. Yes they are all female. And so I started thinking of how I could take my inspiration to a new level of color.

I started with thinking of a graphic way to look at my oldest, Fiesty (green). Then it got me to thinking of Warhol look. Now of course I didn’t go with all the same picture I used my four girls but I simplified it all to the essentials.

I have this hanging above my headboard. I am so blessed with these four creatures of endless love.

Project took me about two days using my beloved Photoshop. I printed them out on card stock with a great HP laserjet and simple framed them in no-frame, frames in a 2×2 block. Extremely satisfied with them. See below.

If you care, Fiesty is 13 years old (green), Tonya is 11 years old (orange). Bonnie is 12 years old (yellow) and Mia is 2 years old (purple). Her mother, Lady, was the one I lost not pictured.. Just hurts. 

I could do this for your four legged family members, too. Just call me.


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