Murals and Painting fun

I know I don’t really need another creative outlet but I just love learning.

I also enjoy painting. A few years ago I enjoyed taking One Stroke painting classes here in my home town.  My goal was to learn enough to make some personalized gifts. I have made numerous and all have been a hit with the recipients.

Then a friend approached me for a mural for her downstairs. I was nervous but knew my philosophy in life, “Always try your hardest” as well as it was just paint would triumph. And of course it could be painted over if disaster happens.

Going down the steps you see her favorite flower, morning glories, winding down the staircase.
You find the morning glories origin at the landing with this pot. I added the shepard’s hook and bird feeder just for height. You can see this from the den area. One humming bird here.
A couple other humming birds on the opposite wall flying toward the feeder.

With my friend being happy with the very first mural, I branched out and have done a few things for our church ministries and props department.

Let me know what you guys think?


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