Precious adoption memory saved

As my husband and I got approved for foster/adoptive, it reminded me how precious adopted kids can be. Made me remember this awesome experience from a few years ago.

A local Crossville, TN woman ran across a friend of mine that I had restored many pictures for. She was so impressed she called me up to see if I could fix the most precious item in her house.

I went to her home and she was excited to see what I could do. She came back in the kitchen and placed a cautiously wrapped throw on the table. As she took extreme precaution removing the throw, she began to explain.

“This is my only copy of this image. See I am adopted and on the day my parents got the official paperwork that I was theirs, they took me to the local photography studio. We had our first picture taken as a permanent family. My parents are gone now but I still love them for choosing me. Since their death I have traveled to many places.

I take extreme care with this image because, well, it was caught in a house fire. Luckily the fire didn’t destroy the image. But the water from the fireman extinguishing the blaze has caused the glass to stick to the picture. I found it under a pile of rubble and cried.

Do you think you can get me a copy from it.?”

I was overwhelmed with emotions from the story and to see this picture. It was still in the frame. The glass was shattered and most of the glass was missing. Leaving a large section that the picture was stuck to. I had no idea if I could get anything resembling the original from it. But I took on the task with her full understanding that I wasn’t sure.

After scanning the portrait thru the glass there was lots of color differences. There was more damage that the eye could see. But as always the scanner found it.

I was amazed how it came out and unintentionally made her cry once I provided her with my loving care in the final product.

She still keeps the original wrapped up carefully but has the new on display. This is one of my fondest memories doing the small task of preserving memories.

Below are before and after pictures – let me know what you think.


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