My escape to Photoshop

Life has been even more hectic since last blog. Lost a month somewhere, with two new kids in the house I am busier than ever.
But I can always escape into Photoshop.
The world of Photoshop is a great place to be. You can be stronger, skinner, have friends over, and make a lasting memory that you didn’t experience first hand.
Thru some of my photo manipulations you can see that Photoshop make the world a better place.
Client’s dad always wanted his truck photographed in front of a cotton field. Since the truck couldn’t go to the field, the field was brought to the truck.

Make a perfectly good snapshot turn into a picture worthy of sharing.
Make an EX go away.
Make a small town car show become a studio shot.
Have the picture taken that we just never got around to doing.
I just love the world of Photoshop. Guess I have to get back to reality.

Where do you escape too?

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