Halloween – Creativity passed down.

Okay, My creative world is not so digital at moment. I have to see if you can tell what I just finished.

Okay. crappy cell phone picture .. But anyway. I was always impressed with my mother and her inventive Halloween costumes. I remember being a Halloween cheerleader. She made the costume .. cute pleated skirt and all. Shirt said “University of Halloween”. Anyway. I thought I would do that with my girl.

As huge Wizard of Oz (clue) fans. I set out to make this year a family costume event.

I went simple and stuff we could re-use at latter dates – I am a recycler.

Aren’t we cute. Dorthy, Toto, “Daisy” Munchkin, “Tennessee” Scarecrow.

Yes I made the hat only. I am a busy girl. But overall not so bad. And she loved it.

Comparison Shots –

——————Update ——————

She was correcting everyone all night. “No, I am a Munchkin.” When they thought she was a princess or Glenda.

The Family as a set was a big hit.


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