Birthday party fun!

I am amazed how fast life is moving. Since becoming a foster parent the world has been moving extremely fast. I have now had 2 in and out of my home. And one child, James Robert, ADOPTED. He is my little world.

Sunday, I had the pleasure of helping mommy of one of my kids with her fourth birthday party. I was surprised how many people were impressed with the decor. That is what reminded me of my blog. Wow, I had not even had a chance to think about it.

Tried to stick with Tinkerbell colors. Purple pink and lime green.

Tissue Flowers are made using Martha Stewart method. – Learned on Youtube.

Balloon bunched flowers are just 4-5 balloons of one color twisted together with the 5 th or 6th in the middle a different color.

The fuzzy  streamers you see from the ceiling are cheap dollar store leis in pink purple and lime green. One odd blue just for crazieness.

Over all it turned out wonderful. And the borrowed bouncy was a hit as well.

Thank you everyone for your help. I do love when a plan comes together.

Now to Pinterest to find a more for my adopted son, James Robert, First Birthday. Looking forward to it but can’t believe it has been a year.


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