Being Couragous

It is amazing how a song can take someone every time you hear it. I few many years ago my nephew made me so proud when he let the family know that he wanted to join the Navy. His mom, my step sister, was so dang scared and proud at the same time. I personally think that the sacrifice of joining is something only an individual can make. The family is just there to support.

in-war_woodBefore we knew it he was coming home for Christmas and we were all so excited. In my normal, cost-effective world and wanting to give him something truly personal I made him a simple modern art piece. I don’t know if he saw the joy in my eyes not only about giving him a piece of my “heart” with the design but the tears of joy and honor.

With a quick hug, the next present was opened but I am still proud of him daily. I thought there is someone out there that could use a special present for their brave family member.

So therefore when I found this I knew it had to be an addition to my ETSY store. I kept prices cost-effective because that is who I am.


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