Pink Christmas

christmas-card_wood With all the stores putting out Christmas stuff, it made me think of the dreaded or exciting time of Christmas Cards. So I started googling to see what I could find. Everything was just too fancy, it that possible? I like simple well-meaning cards myself. So I thought I would just make one. And with my Etsy store and some small experience selling, new I could try to sell it online as well.

Here it is! What you think? Editable so your words in the card can be in the same PINK color..Okay, so I know you want to ask .. Why Pink? I am not sure. Maybe because my 3-year-old had to have her nails painted pink this morning. Maybe because she only wanted the pink bow for her hair. Maybe because she cried because we couldn’t find her pink jacket this morning. Okay, I think you see my dilemma, LOL. Anyways I think the pink is beautiful and unexpected. On an up-side, The AVON and MaryKay girls that I design for all the time will love them.

What you think? If you want you can buy here and I recommend some good cover or card stock for printing. This is what I use: Hammermill Cover Stock


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