Etsy Paparazzi Design for Jewelry Craze and Friends

Paparazzi_woodOkay, I have to admit I have even been hit by the Paparazzi bug and if you know me you know I wear little to no jewelry. However, I love it! So I have bought a few things and watch two friends of mine live videos ever time they come on Facebook. People overall are amazed at the craze that is Paparazzi. I knew this would be a great addition to my Etsy account. Many other cards are out there but mine, as always, are simpler no glitter, no shock but a traditional design that isn’t to ink heavy for at home printing.  What you all think?

If you want you can buy here and I recommend some good cover or card stock for printing.

And if you don’t have a Paparazzi Consultant, unlikely I know, here is my friend’s page – Show her some love!


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